ZioRay™ Unmatched UV protection. Safe for the environment. Protection that doesn’t wash out.

Claros Technologies’ new ZioRay product is  a breakthrough textile technology that protects people from 98% of UV rays. This product embeds natural and synthetic textiles with strong ultraviolet protection factor (50+ UPF) directly into the fibers. Plus, it’s proven to last more than 100 washes! ZioRay is also gentle on the environment because it’s free from any elements recognized as toxins.

ZioRay™ Performance Highlights UV Blocking, Production friendly, Durable, Versatile, Environmentally sound

Benefits for textile mills and OEMs:

  • Innovation can be easily integrated into existing roll-to-roll and spray-on process
  • Application does not require new large-scale investments in time and equipment
  • The environmental toxins that traditional methods use are removed
  • Transformative technology ensures industry leaders remain leaders

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