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A growing number of states are already regulating PFAS in anticipation of federal standards and regulations. We can help you stay ahead with testing, analysis, and planning.

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With Claros Technologies, you don’t need to live with “forever chemicals” forever. A growing number of states are already regulating PFAS in anticipation of federal standards and regulations. Claros Technologies can help you stay ahead with the testing, data, and planning you need.

Claros is a different kind of partner, offering highly customized services, risk analysis, fast turnaround, and responsive consultation.

Consider us part of your engineering team:

  • Testing — We can provide quantitative results (parts per trillion) for all 40 regulated PFAS compounds* and qualitative results for 9,000+ other compounds
  • Analyzing — We interpret the technical reports, so you fully understand the implications for your facility
  • Regulatory briefings — We provide real-time updates of state and federal PFAS-related actions and regulations and how they impact you
  • Consulting — We develop and provide the analytical method for your specific needs. Then we help you determine next steps, from ongoing monitoring to PFAS capture and destruction

*As of March 2022

Understanding the PFAS problem

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), sometimes called “forever chemicals,” are widely used chemicals that do not break down naturally.

PFAS are found in people, water, air, fish, plants, and soil all over the world.

Studies have shown that exposure to PFAS is linked to severe health effects in humans and animals.

Twelve states have moved ahead of federal mandates to regulate PFAS in wastewater and prohibit disposal by incineration or landfill.

Currently, disposal and filtration solutions are limited and simply redistribute the chemicals rather than destroying them.

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why choose claros technologies

Why choose Claros Technologies?

  • We are right-sized for customization. We are not too big — and that’s by design. We provide a comprehensive suite of services and the highest quality client care, allowing us to provide you with highly customized solutions.
  • We are responsive. We promise fast sample turnaround of 5-10 business days, and we have the capacity for 24-hour rapid response. However, we don’t stop with testing. We believe ongoing relationships are the key to successful monitoring and mitigation. Your account manager will be highly accessible and knowledgeable, so all your questions are answered and all your needs are met.
  • We respect your confidentiality. We don’t share your test results with anyone else, so you can feel secure and in control of your reporting.
  • We are an innovative environmental leader. We have developed proprietary environmental remediation technology in a sustainable closed system that safely and effectively captures and destroys PFAS in an environmentally responsible way.
  • We offer Total Organic Fluorine (TOF) testing. This new technology, when combined with targeted PFAS tests, will give you a powerful data set you cannot find anywhere else.

We are conducting field tests of our revolutionary technology that filters, captures, concentrates, and destroys PFAS. The resulting clean, detoxified water can be safely reused. That’s good for your business and the environment.

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