PFAS Concentration & Destruction

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  • Compliant
  • Higher ROI
  • Permanent solution
  • Eco-friendly

PFAS may be infinitesimally small, but they cause outsized environmental, liability, and compliance risks. The Elemental™ Destruction System is a new, proprietary technology that reduces risks and externalities by meeting — or exceeding — current and pending regulations to provide an end-of-life solution for PFAS. We offer an effective and affordable way to stay ahead of regulatory and liability pitfalls, as well as showcase your environmental stewardship and corporate responsibility. Our proprietary defluorination process breaks the incredibly strong carbon-fluorine bonds, leaving only safe, naturally occurring elements.

PFAS Regulations and risks

The PFAS regulatory and liability landscape is changing fast. In less than a year, regulated PFAS compounds have grown from 20 to 40 — still just a fraction of the 5,000+ known PFAS/PFOS compounds. Currently, 12 states are moving ahead of the EPA to require PFAS testing and targets to levels below 2 parts per trillion (ppt). Some proposed regulations could ban any new use of PFAS in manufacturing. PFAS incineration was recently banned by several States and by the Department of Defense. The liabilities and risks — including costly fines and litigation — are real.

  • Our cutting-edge technology concentrates PFAS waste by more than 100,000x, making it easier to manage and destroy
  • Destruction methods defluorinate PFAS, returning them to their naturally occurring elements
  • Can extract and destroy PFAS from filters used for fire-fighting foams and other complex manufacturing
  • Destruction systems can be incorporated at your facilities or filters can be sent to a Claros destruction site

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