PFAS Capture & Concentrate

  • Customizable
  • Compliant
  • Higher ROI
  • Smaller footprint
  • Permanent solution

There are a variety of capture methods used today such as ion resin, activated carbon, and reverse osmosis. There are also effective new technologies like foam fractionation. Claros will work with your existing systems to analyze their effectiveness and to determine the most cost-effective way to concentrate the waste in preparation for destruction. If you are looking for a new capture technology, Claros, along with our industry partners, can help you evaluate and design the best solution for your needs. We have proprietary chemistries for concentrating PFAS from a variety of filtration media and in tandem with our Elemental Destruction technology Claros provides a total solution to PFAS remediation.

PFAS Regulations and risks

The PFAS regulatory and liability landscape is changing fast. In less than a year, regulated PFAS compounds have grown from 20 to 40 — still just a fraction of the 5,000+ known PFAS/PFOS compounds. Currently, 12 states are moving ahead of the EPA to require PFAS testing and targets to levels below 2 parts per trillion (ppt). Some proposed regulations could ban any new use of PFAS in manufacturing. PFAS incineration was recently banned by several States and by the Department of Defense. The liabilities and risks — including costly fines and litigation — are real.

Claros can help you determine the most effective solutions for new Capture systems. Our proprietary chemistries and concentration methods work with legacy systems such as Activated Carbon, Ion Resin, and Reverse Osmosis.

  • Capture analysis and assessments for existing systems
  • New Capture systems in coordination with industry partners for Ion Resin and Foam Fractionation
  • Proprietary concentration technologies tailored to your specific targets and complexities eliminating and minimizing additional toxins and disposal costs
  • Concentration of waste by more than 100,000x makes it easier to manage and economical in tandem with Claros Elemental Destruction

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