The TechFounders Accelerator program selected Claros Technologies to work with the German multinational specialty chemicals company Lanxess to develop solutions for the capture and recovery of valuable metals used in electric batteries, such as lithium, cobalt, cadmium, and nickel. Claros is one of only 10 European and U.S. startups selected to take part in the international start-up accelerator’s 16th batch.

TechFounders was founded in 2015 to drive corporate innovation by connecting the world’s leading companies with startups and by providing coaching and a €25,000 project budget. During the 20-week program, Dr. John Brockgreitens, Claros’ research and development director, will work with the Lanxess team to apply Claros’ technology platform to enable new functionalities in Lanxess’ ion-exchange resins.

“This partnership exemplifies how a circular economy can transform the environment and how business is done,” Brockgreitens said. “TechFounders has identified a partner in Lanxess that shares our commitment to converting hazardous wastewater into clean, high-demand products: water and metals such as lithium and cadmium. This project will scrub wastewater so it can be safely reused by mining for scarce metals essential for electric vehicles and high-tech consumer products. We can’t wait to get to work.”

“The science behind Claros Technologies continues to attract interest from many world-class organizations,” he added. “We are grateful for this most recent opportunity to partner with two great organizations like Lanxess and TechFounders.”