27 09, 2022

International Filtration News: The upstream & downstream impacts of PFAS Pollution

2022-09-27T12:39:45-05:00Tuesday, September 27, 2022|

Claros Technologies, a chemical engineering company, is a case study in how such technologies can provide an end-of-life solution for PFAS. The company has a sorbent that captures PFOS and PFOA in water, a process that concentrates them, and a defluorination treatment that breaks their powerful chemical bonds.

6 06, 2022

Star Tribune dives into Claros & Kureha partnership

2022-06-28T14:27:18-05:00Monday, June 6, 2022|

Front page coverage in the Minneapolis Star Tribune Business section on May 27th, 2022 highlights the importance and enthusiasm around the recently announced partnership with the Kureha Corporation. "Claros Technologies, which last year raised $5.35 million in venture capital, has struck its first major agreement to scale its system to "capture, concentrate and destroy" PFAS chemicals from wastewater."