Claros Technologies
29 11, 2022

Textile Industry Targeted as a Major Contributor to PFAS Pollution

New technologies hold the promise of destroying PFAS, taking the “forever” out of “forever chemicals.” One such technology was created by Claros Technologies. The chemical engineering company provides an end-of-life solution for PFAS, with a sorbent that captures PFOS and PFOA, a process that concentrates them, and a defluorination treatment that breaks their powerful chemical bonds.

23 11, 2022

Claros Technologies Announces Breakthrough Performance of Antimicrobial Textile Additives

Claros Technologies, Inc. announced today the release of a third-party independent study verifying the capability and durability of the company’s antimicrobial additives for textiles. The test found that Claros’ ZioShield™  (antimicrobial) and ZioFresh™ (anti-odor) products can reduce the presence of numerous species of disease-inducing bacteria, fungi, and viruses by 99.999 percent.

2 11, 2022

Claros Technologies, Kureha partner to power clean technologies by capturing valuable metals in oil- and gas-produced water

Claros Technologies is partnering with Kureha America, Inc. (Houston, TX), a wholly owned subsidiary of Kureha Corporation (Tokyo, Japan), to capture and reuse the highly coveted metals needed for batteries to power a net-zero economy.

22 08, 2022

Claros Technologies selected to participate in TechFounders Accelerator Program to capture, recover high-demand metals

The TechFounders Accelerator program selected Claros Technologies to work with the German multinational specialty chemicals company Lanxess to develop solutions for the capture and recovery of valuable metals used in electric batteries, such as lithium, cobalt, cadmium, and nickel.

28 06, 2022

TechConnect recognizes Claros Technologies for 2021 Innovation Award

We are grateful for the recognition of our advancements made in the Functional Textiles industry. Nanotechnology is designed to create functionalities not natively found in host materials. TechConnect explains that "Claros can grow nanomaterials on and within the bulk of a material including natural and synthetic fibers, plastic films, and resins in order to provide durable functional properties that last the lifetime of the product."

16 06, 2022

Claros Technologies seeks a cleaner Earth

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could wipe away pollution with a sponge? Turns out you can, and a new company in Northeast has developed the technology to do it. A spinoff of a University of Minnesota research program, 15-employee Claros Technologies just recently moved into 1600 Broadway NE. This little group of scientists has come up with a way to remove per- and polyfluoroalkyl (PFAs) from wastewater. It’s a major game-changer.